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Before starting any journey,it is important that people do their research properly about everything related to that place. You have to learn about the facts and figures to make sure you are prepared for what is to come. To gain such knowledge, you can also visit Jesse Itzler to know more about it.

Important Facts about Everest:

  • Not that Scary: The summit to Everest needs extreme training and is dangerous,but it is also true that it is achievable. You have to be very careful and make sure all your supplies are filled. The climb to Everest is way safer when compared to other mountains.


  • Routes: Anyone who has been doing their research will know that climbing Mount Everest has two to three different routes. The two main routes to climb the mountain are North Col and the South Col which are divided according to the borders.

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  • Time and Training: You have to be ready for everything that is to come and that needs an extensive amount of training with patience and time in your hand. You will also have to wait after you have reached the base camp to find the suitable weather and day for the start.


  • It’s Expensive: There are several packages you can opt for,but a fixed amount of money is surely required because of the minimum utilities which are not cheap. You can always read about it from a website called com.


  • Corpses are Constant: The last camp before the summit is called the Death zone where you will find numerous numbers of corpses. These are present because of the weather conditions, sickness,and other causes. These corpses are also used as marks on the path.

These are some important facts about Everest and how you summit will be. It is not an easy journey,and you shall conquer even after the challenges. You can always find more information about it on Medium.com. We wish you luck!

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