For The Quick Meal, Switch to Tiger Induction Rice Pan

We all have faced the challenge of preparing a quick meal in the shortest time. And you might say that your fav rice cooker always comes to your rescue. I would like to present a better technology which will make your life easier! And it’s called tiger induction rice pan or rice cooker.

tiger induction rice pan

What is tiger induction rice pan or cooker?

you must all have used cookers at your home. Now tiger induction rice pan is a superior cooker. This used far better technology which makes better rice or any other food items cooking in it.

How is it different from the conventional rice cookers?

tiger induction rice pan combines the advantages of induction and fuzzy technologies. Thus if you are frustrated with the stickiness in your rice and always wonder how one can achieve the granular rice from a restaurant. Then you should surely use tiger induction rice pan.

Advantages of the tiger induction rice pan:

the biggest advantage is that the food will not stick on the base. Because in the conventional cooker the heat is produced from the bottom whereas in the induction technology the food is heated by the electromagnetic waves from all side. Thus, the food will be evenly cooked providing better textured. This will also ensure that the flavor of the food will be intact. And the biggest advantage is the time consumed. Your meal will be cooked in half the time and far better tasting.

Become a MasterChef and cook variety of items:

with a tiger induction rice pan you can cook a number of items including rice, ricotta, cooker chicken, clam chowder, soup or anything to everything which can be cooked in a cooker. The high pressure of the tiger induction rice pan makes it idle to use for a variety of rice and pulses. Enjoy cooking!


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