Keep Your Skin Youthful with Dragon Blood Gel from Neoskin!

Are you among many suffering from sagging skin in your early years? Presence of harmful compounds in the environment and high-stress levels of life reflect on the skin. Facial skin gives away the first and foremost effects. Lack of collagen leads to skin sagging. Wrinkles form on foreheads and around the eyes. As a result, a person looks much older than his/her real age.

Dragon blood gel from Neoskin is a revolutionary gel with anti-ageing properties. It contains active collagens that make the skin taut. It also gives the skin a baby-soft feel.

Properties of Dragon Blood Gel from Neoskin:

  • Reduces inflammation – Extract of Croton Lechleri tree, it is also known as dragon blood for its red colour. The extract helps reduce inflammation of the skin. Redness formed as a result of inflamed tissue also reduces. It helps a sensitive skin maintain its radiance.


  • Maintains radiant complexion – The anti-ageing properties define facial contours by tightening the shrivelling It gives a revitalized firm look to the skin.

  • Halts skin-ageing – The collagens present in this gel keep the skin young. Its moisturising properties also help in skin rejuvenation.

  • Treats infections – Its anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients also work on the epidermal layer to heal it faster. If any rashes or skin infections develop, application of this soothing gel can repair those aberrations.

It also helps freshen and revitalise those tired eyes and removes the under-eye wrinkles. The soothing gel hydrates and moisturizes puffy eyes and brings back their vibrant energy. Its effect lasts long.

This gel is ideal for men and women alike who have sensitive skins that develop rashes easily. It protects the skin by forming a layer between your skin and the outside world. It acts as a barrier and does not let harmful environmental components react with the epidermis.

Clean up your face with warm water and softly massage the gel on facial contours for a practical result.

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